The Future of 2K

By: Asad Jamal

With new Next-Gen consoles, the video game business has to step up their game. (Pun Intended)

Well, the developers of NBA 2K15 are definitely pushing innovation in order to stay on top and remain the most successful sport franchise available in Gaming. 2K15’s predecessor, 2K14, destroyed it’s competitor, NBA Live 14, last year and displayed it’s innovative style of “Content Curation.”

This year the Dev Team at Visual Concepts are really trying to add content that their community will enjoy. This includes a new feature in the MyCareer mode, which is a mode that allows you to create a player and play as that character throughout a simulation of what real basketball players deal with including games, practice, trades, endorsements, and more. This feature allows you to “scan” a user’s face into the game, allowing for a more fuller customization of your MyCareer player. This is interesting technology that utilizes console’s Cameras, like the Playstation Eye Camera. It slowly scans a user’s entire face and inputs each detail it picks up into the game.

If you thought that was cool, wait until you hear the next feature that was announced for 2K15. Everyone knows about those shows across ESPN, NBA TV, and many more channels, where they show highlight reels, interviews, and more. Well, Visual Concepts has taken it upon themselves to announce the new “2KTV” feature in NBA 2K15. This feature is literally a tv show inside the game. Well, how does that work? Let me explain…

The first day you pop 2K15 into your gaming console you will be greeted by Rachel A. DeVita, a former athlete and current host of 2KTV. That’s right! DeVita will host 2KTV through it’s entire 15 minute segment which will play once a week, every week, and feature interviews with NBA Athletes, Behind-The-Scenes action, and real NBA Scores, stats, and Highlights. That’s pretty awesome! But that’s not all! 2KTV will also feature highlights, stats, and scores (Possibly Interviews?) from players within the 2K Community! For example, let’s say someone pulls off a crazy 360 Windmill in the middle of a game (a great thing to do!), the game will utilize the Playstation 4 and Xbox One’s DVR capabilities to record the highlight and upload it to the 2K15 “Judges” and it could be featured in one week’s highlight reel with the player’s gamertag, and maybe Real Name if you enable a feature like this.

NBA 2K15 is available for pre-order right now and will be released on October 7th, 2014.

To learn more and get the latest 2K news first, you can subscribe to their NBA 2K YouTube page, Like their facebook page, and follow them on Twitter.

What do you think of Visual Concepts’ new features in NBA 2K15?

16 thoughts on “The Future of 2K

    1. I’ve just been really busy, but I might start making them again. I’m in the process of making a horror movie, so I just haven’t had as much time.Thanks for all the support!


    1. Thanks Jenny! And yeah I plan to add polls at the end of each of my articles! I like to seperate myself from other writers by being the most innovative with what I do! I hope I’m doing a good job!


      1. Yeah, you’re doing a great job! And yes, that is an innovative idea! I’m looking forward to ur next article!


    1. Hey Daryl! I completely agree! Also, Playstation 4 users will get 10,000 bonus Virtual Curreny and a bonus map for MyPark: The Stage! Thanks for the reply and see you ballin’ on October 7th!


      1. Really? Well, I guess what comes around goes around. Xbox used to get all exclusives and now Sony gets everything! GO SONY!


    1. I know the writer. We used to go to Copper Basin in San Tan Valley. He’s a great Creative Writer! He writes a lot of good fictional stories! He also knew all the Lyrics to EVERY Eminem song haha! 🙂 When he rapped it was adorable!!! Anyway, great article!


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