Fall Break: See Ya Later AZ!

By: Sanjana Shenoy

Last week we posted an article on places to visit over fall break in Arizona. But what about visiting some popular cities outside of Arizona? Orlando, Las Vegas, and New York city, all three of these cities are huge tourist sites.

Orlando, Florida is pretty well known for its theme parks like Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. The parks are always changing so be sure to check out the new rides and attractions such as the new Despicable Me ride, Transformers ride, and, of course, the beloved Harry Potter World. If you are into more serene and natural sites be sure to visit Lake Eola located in the heart of Orlando. Though the lake is lined with a beautiful skyline of the busy city of Orlando, it still offers a quiet view that isn’t interrupted with people honking their horns.


If theme parks aren’t really your thing another amazing place to visit is Las Vegas, Nevada. A lot of people’s first thoughts about Las Vegas are usually casinos and clubs, but Vegas also has a lot of great architecture and attractions suitable for all ages. For example, the Bellagio is something that no one, young or old, wants to miss. The Bellagio is a famous hotel that houses a large European-style opera house, which plays the famed shows of Cirque du Soleil. Another popular attraction is the New York, New York rollercoaster. It is a riveting experience, only for the brave. It features a 180 degree twist, as well as many steep dips which will make even the most courageous of people breathless. If you want to take a more natural and calm route, the Red Rock National Conservation Area is perfect, with rocks that make everything around you look an indescribable red, a sight only found in the southwest. It even has a great trail to hike along as well as picnic areas with a gorgeous view.


Finally, a place known for its high fashion status and bright culture, New York City offers a lively atmosphere no one wants to miss. While taking in the bustling cities and trying to navigate the seemingly endless subway system, there’s still so much to enjoy in New York City, where dreams have been coming true for generations. From the historical Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty, to the fashion hub of Times Square, New York is the perfect place to spend your fall break. You can spend hours just taking in the lights and seeing shows on Broadway, or take a boat ride to visit the Statue of Liberty. Like Las Vegas, New York City is also full of amazing architecture. I have to say that New York City has some of the best skyscrapers I’ve ever seen, like the Empire State Building.download (1)


These cities have proven to be a popular destination for travelers, and it is evident why. From the city of theme parks, Orlando, to the fashion hub of New York City, and the bright lights of Las Vegas, there’s so much to do out of state without wasting too much money, because in the end, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

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