Basis Sports

By Arya Chethikattil



  1. Basketball – Basketball season starts around October 20th and continues  into February.This year the coaches are is Mr. Hunthausen (for the girls’ team), Mr. Smith(for the boys varsity team), Mr. Rossow (for the boys Jr. varsity team), and Mr. Johnson (for boys High School). They practice every day for about two hours. They have one game every week and sometimes two. Jr.Varsity did a great job l making it all the way to the championship last year, and they won 11 out of 14 games. The Boys Varsity team also did very well making it to the championship, and winning 14 of their 19 games. Also the girls team made it to playoffs last year! The best qualities of our teams overall was that they pulled basis together with their strong spirit for Basketball.  Basketball brought people so close we even had a faculty vs students game(which the student won!!!).
  2. Soccer- These soccer players are very hardworking, and they are learning the true value of teamwork. Every school day, they run to the park and train for about one and a half hours, and then they run back. As you can see they are very dedicated and hardworking, and they are getting better and better all thanks to their coach, Mr. Ray. This year for soccer, the BASIS soccer team won 1 game out of 7 and tied on another one. Keep up the amazing work!
  3. Swimming- These swimmers are working very hard, and they have won every single meet they had. The scores of the first game for boys were 123/104, and for girls it was, 95/55. For the second meet, the boys had a score of 139/90, and the girls had a score of 95/65.The championship is on November 1st, so make sure to be there to cheer on for the team! The coach is Mr. Lemons, and he says that the best qualities of the team are that they are very hardworking and very determined to do their best. They practice three times a week for one hour every day. Their next game is on Saturday at 11:15, and it’s at Queen Creek community pool. So, make sure you go to cheer for thee Basis swimmers.
  4. Volleyball-  The volleyball team has had ten games, and only lost one. Every day they meet up and practice for an hour and a half. the championship is at the end of October. The best qualities of the team are that they are really close friends and they don’t fall apart. The next game is on Friday, October 2nd. If you can’t come to this game, come to the next on October 14th.

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