Basis Clubs

By Maya Devineni

1. Red cross Club ( Mr. Smith)

Having one of the biggest turn outs to date, with 147 members, the Red Cross club will be working hard having various blood, toy, clothes, and book drives!

2. League Of Leaders (Ms. Snow)

LOL has been working hard on organizing school dances and events. They are also going to be hosting a Spirit Week (Oct.20-24). They hope to have many successful dances this year!!

3. Astronomy/Aerospace Club (Mr. Woolley)

Getting lots of hands on experience, students are making many different kinds of rockets and air crafts, also Mr. Woolley is giving them the chance to take home a high quality telescopes during the week to test them out!

4. Yearbook Club (Mrs. Kirk)

They all are having lots of fun and they intend to make this year’s book, “the best its ever been”, quoted from Mrs. Kirk herself. The yearbook club kids are learning about Jostens(a yearbook designer), and many other designing methods and techniques.

5. Drawing Club (Mr. Hutch)

Students learn many new techniques about drawing, and get the chance to work with many different mediums.

6. Minecraft Club (Ms. Snow)

Kids get the time to play against each other, and practice their mine craft skills!

7. Science Bowl (Mr. Cole)

Practicing everyday and improving their biology skills, students are aiming to get to the regional competitions.

3 thoughts on “Basis Clubs

  1. I am fully aware that there are many more clubs at BASIS; the reason I commented was because your title read “BASIS Clubs” while only listing 7. If the reader is a student at BASIS, then a far better idea, in my opinion, would be to comment on clubs few people are aware of. If the reader is not a BASIS student, then this still doesn’t accurately reflect the full variety of clubs at BASIS. Even if you wrote a something along the lines of: “Here are just a few of the many clubs offered at BASIS Chandler:” it would have been a lot better.


  2. And of course, only a select few are mentioned. What about the two clubs that have won the most trophies for BASIS? What about ones that earn prestige for BASIS? And it isn’t even based off any measurable standard.
    Why bother?


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