Who would win? Ash Ketchum VS. Lord Voldemort

Welcome to our 2nd week of “Who would win?” Where you choose the fighters, Joseph and Michael have an epic debate, and you choose the winner! Michael will fight for Voldemort, and Joseph will defend Ash!

Joseph: Okay, just to clarify, if you read the manga, Ash carries like a hundred poke balls, so we can’t just limit him to six Pokémon. First, Ash would say, “Go, Pikachu,” but I would be like “NO! Save the Pikachu man! Do you know how ridiculously overpowered Pikachu is?!” So Ash would lead with his ridiculously underpowered charizard. Charizard would burn off Voldemort’s nose, and that is why Voldemort has no nose. Also. Voldemort cannot use ridiculously overpowered spells that instantly kill people, because Pokémon faints, not dies. Then, Ash can just go to a Pokémon center to restock.

Michael: Voldemort has hundreds of spells in his arsenal as well as an army of death eaters backing him up. Among these spells is aquamenti, a powerful spell that blasts jets of water at whatever he wants, taking out the charizard with a super effective attack. The only hope for Charizard would be the Pokémon center, which could be blown up or blockaded with a flick of his wand. Ash himself would not stand a chance against Voldemort, without any Pokémon to fight for him.

Joseph: Seriously man, death eaters?? Ever heard of a move called SURF with this thing called a BLASTOISE? And say goodbye to a fainted charizard because Ash is carrying a boatload of Full Revives. Have fun with that.

Michael: Again, a spell would be a simple fix to Voldemort’s problems. No revives could be used, as they would be blasted out of Ash’s hand with a simple expelliarmus. Same goes for Poke’ ball, and any other things Ash pulls out of his bag. And by the way, waves wouldn’t be very effective against death eaters, who can teleport wherever they please.

Joseph: OK, now for what you all have been waiting for… Pikachu, I choose you! Pikachu volt tackles Voldemort in the face really hard and he would die. The End I Win Too Bad For You.

Michael: Volt tackle would be ineffective against Protego, and Voldemort could just disapperate out of the way, or blast him in the face with a curse, or just duck, for Pete’s sake! Not to mention, there’s still seven horcruxes keeping him going, even if Ash landed a single attack. There are so many ways Voldemort could survive, and so few ways Ash could win. Death Eaters beat Pokémon, and Voldemort is unstoppable, unkillable, and unbeatable.

Joseph: If you actually had read the manga, you would realize Ash can carry as many healing items as he wants, meaning the battle would be infinite. Also, Voldemort is a “ghost type,” meaning all Ash has to do is send out the puniest Pokémon to make all of Voldemort’s moves ineffective. Simply, Voldemort could go on forever taking on Pokémon until a Pokémon flies away and destroys the horcruxes. Since the rules of both dimensions applies, Ash cannot die; Pokémon cannot die. It’s that simple.

Michael: I disagree with your statement. If the rules of both universes apply, Voldemort would be able to take out Ash with a simple killing curse. Even if you were to assign a type to Voldemort, he would most likely be a dark type, not a ghost type. And, one pidgey would have no hope destroying all the horcruxes, as they are almost indestructible, only able to be taken out by a handful of magical artifacts or curses.

Joseph: If the rules of both worlds apply, then Ash cannot die because he only faints. Unlike in Harry Potter, no one “dies” in Pokémon. So, eventually, some Pokémon will destroy all the horcruxes and Voldemort will DIE at the end.

Michael: Joseph, if you actually READ THE BOOKS, then you would know three things: One, Horcruxes can only be destroyed by magical artifacts or powerful curses. Two, if rules of both universes apply, Ash dies anyway. It is the killing curse, for Pete’s Sake! As Mad-Eye Moody once said: “There’s no counter curse. There’s no blocking it.”  And reason number three, if you really want to make a big deal about the whole “Faint not die” thing, Voldemort would STILL win, because in Pokémon, once you pass out, you lose. Voldemort wins this one, Joe. Admit it.

Joseph: Alright, dude, let’s get real; this battle could go on forever. Let’s just call this one a draw.

Michael: I disagree.

Who do you think would have won? Please post your opinion in the comments, and don’t forget to leave a suggestion for next week!

PS. We do not own Harry Potter or Pokémon. Please don’t sue us, Warner Bros. or Nintendo. We have no lawyers or money.


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