The Sedona Getaway

by Maya Devineni 

If you want a quick weekend getaway, but still want to keep it simple, Sedona is the way to go. From the beautiful scenery to the cooler temperatures, Sedona is a welcome escape from the blazing Phoenix heat. Welcoming you into Sedona are the unique copper-red mountains which hold up to 9 different layers of rock. Sedona’s beautiful scenery also has a beautiful culture to go along with it. A rich history that stems from years and years of Native American inhabitance. Between the scenery, culture, and various activities, Sedona will keep you (and your family) busy and happy!

Now the question is where can you stay in Sedona? What can you do in Sedona? Well, here is a resort and some activities you might want to check out.

Places to go and things to do:

Slide Rock State Park Named after a natural water slide formed by 20120418_0079the slippery bed of Oak Creek, this park is a main attraction. The best part? The creek is always well-maintained.

Hiking- Don’t know where to hike? The Hike House is an eminent h2splashhiking area. It caters to all types of hikers; both amateur hikers and professional hikers can find a suitable trail!

Sedona Star Gazing- You think the stars are the same everywhere, but Sedona’s isolation from the suburban setting gives you a whole new logan-brumm-northern-arizona-night-sky-and-meteorperspective of the stars.







Palatki Ruins- Want some historical remnants? Palatki is a cliff dwelling, dating back to 1150 A.D! A heritage site abundant with knowledge passed-down from generations, the Palatki Ruins can be a really fun place to go to!


Where should I stay In Sedona?

Enchantment Resort- This is an amazing, breathtaking 5-star resort with the world’s second best spa! The spa’s name is “Mii amo,” which is derived from the Native American word meaning “journey”. The Enchantment caters to everyone; from a calm day at the spa to an adventurous hike up the photobeautiful mountains, and everything in between, you will be sure to find something for you! Looking up into the awe-inspiring starry night, you might find yourself becoming truly enchanted! I personally loved walking down the sandy trails, looking up at the beautiful night sky, and enjoying the peaceful and calming vibes the Enchantment has to offer!

I hope you have some time to go to Sedona and immerse yourself in all the city has to offer!

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