DIY Fall Room Decor

By Adithy Hassan

“I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.”-Ed Sheeran

Well since it’s officially fall and we’ve transitioned our closets from summer to fall. The next step to having the ultimate fall experience is getting into the warm and fun fall spirit. One way of fulfilling this is changing your environment. That’s right! It’s time for fun and cute ways to spice up your room for fall.

These are definitely not set DIY’s. The point of them is to inspire you to get your creative juices flowing in order to get into fall’s vibes and engage more into each season. So feel free to change them up to fit your own style! And don’t forget to use the hashtag ‘pickmebsi’ on Instagram or email us pictures at so I can look at all of your amazing DIY’s!


  1. Inspiration board: So this isn’t specified just to fall because you can definitely change it up whenever you would like to, but in order to get into the spirit of fall you need to get inspired (and that’s exactly the purpose of an inspiration board!) There are absolutely no guidelines you need to follow for this DIY, but to get started you will need some sort of glue or adhesive; magazine clippings, printed pictures, or any visual representation of things that will inspire you for fall; scissors; and a poster or board. And this is the time to go crazy! Cut out all of your pictures and glue them onto the board however you like. Let it be a reflection of your inner self.


  1. Leaf lighting: This one’s probably the simplest DIY out of them all. All you need to do is wrap around some fake leaves around a string of Christmas lights and hang them onto your wall! You can add your own personal touches by adding a few flowers or pictures to your lights.


  1. Throw pillows: These are perfect and easy to switch out every season to totally change your whole room’s look. But buying various throw pillows can be quite expensive, so we’re going to make some! Start off with some fabric of your favorite fall design or color (warmer and monotone colors are the best for fun-shaped pillows.) So start off with cutting two equal parts of any shape you would like your pillow to be and either sew or glue about ¾ of the fabric together until you get a small hole which you will fill with any sort of pillow stuffing or cotton balls. After your pillow starts to take a distinct shape start to sew or glue the rest of the fabric together creating a perfect throw pillow! You can reuse left over fabric to decorate other pillows and tie in all of your pillows together.

sweater pillow 4

  1. Wood pieces: These add the perfect touch to your new and improved fall room. You get wood pieces from any craft store for a low price and by just adding some tarnish to your wood pieces you can give off a vintage and chic look.


  1. Candy corn vases: These are absolutely adorable! You’re going to need some white ceramic or glass vases and spray or acrylic paint to begin. Start will a yellow bottom, and work your way up to an orange middle and you can go ahead and leave the top portion white to mimic candy corn! You can add extra decorations like glitter or sequins to the outer portion of the vase and you can fill the vase with anything from leaves to flowers to tree branches.


Well I hope you guys liked my first DIY post and please let me know if you would like to see more. XOXO Adithy.


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