Civilization V Review

by Andrew Thran

If you haven’t heard of Civilization V, let me tell you a little about it. It’s a popular strategy game developed by Firaxis where you choose a famous civilization from history and attempt to survive in a future era. Trust me, it makes sense. The only drawback of this game is that it is also known as “the strategy game for idiots.” Wondering why? Because early Civilization (or just Civ for short) games had few fans compared to games like Call of Duty, mainly because they were extremely challenging.

Nonetheless, Civ V is highly successful today due to its simplicity and ease for new players. This is a double-edged sword: These players are happy and having fun, but the hardcore fans are bored because it is too easy. Luckily,  this issue was solved with the recent DLCs (downloadable content). Moreover, Civ V doesn’t feature unit stacking, the option to place multiple units in one spot which makes battles much cooler and more intense.

Now that the bad stuff is out of the way, time to boast how awesome Civ V is. What makes this game unique from previous versions is that it uses hexagons instead of squares in the terrain placement options. This now opens up new possibilities for strategy. The graphics on this game are absolutely amazing, even down to the smallest detail! Another cool thing this game has to offer is diplomatic screens, where you see a little animation of a famous ruler of that civilization.adsf This gives you the ability to declare war, trade, and just talk to the rulers.

Now that you know a little about the features, time for a brief summary of how the game works. First, you choose your favorite civilization from history, and it uploads a random map that you know nothing about. You commence in of the following eight eras: ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial, Modern, Atomic, and Information era. As you progress, you must fight constant barbarian invasions and hope your neighbors aren’t the Huns or Mongols. There are many options to experiment with in regards to technology, policies, religion, as well as balancing finances.

Once you get past the hard beginning, it is smooth sailing until you reach the Modern era. This is when you have to start pondering your victory plans and try not to get wiped out. One method to attain victory is via domination, or having conquered everyone’s capital city. Another method is Science, or building a spaceship. Tourism occurs when you have so many tourists that they prevail other cultures.  And the final way to win is diplomatic, by having so much political power that you can vote yourself to win.

To conclude, this game is fantastic, and you should consider purchasing it. Still not convinced? It’s just half the price of your average Call of Duty.

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