Top 10 Soccer Signings

by Neil Bhardwaja

This year has seen some phenomenal players being signed and history being made. With record breaking deals, this year has been incredible for soccer, so look at some of the amazing players.



  1. Luis Suarez- Liverpool to FC Barcelona

This phenomenal striker has transformed Liverpool, turning them into one of the new stars of The English League. Though he may have had some interesting scandals (eg. Biting), he is solid striker with a great shot. He was purchased of a rumored price between 100 and 110 million dollars. He can drastically improve FC Barcelona’s already stacked offense.

  1. James Rodriguez-AS Monaco to Real Madrid

This phenomenal CAM was first noticed after his astounding World Cup performance, playing for the Colombian national team. His solid kicking with his amazing dribbling propelled Colombia to the quarters. He was sold for over 100 million dollars and has gone down in history as the most expensive Colombian player. He is a rising star, and will greatly assist the already powerful Real Madrid offense.

  1. David Luiz-Chelsea to PSG

David Luiz, best known for his flop as captain in the World Cup, is actually an incredible player with several strong performances with Chelsea. With his incredible speed and amazing defending, David Luiz has stopped even the greatest of players. He was sold to PSG, a top French team, for 81 million dollars, becoming the most expensive defensive player of all time. His great skills will compliment Thiago Silva and make PSG’s defense a wall.

  1. Diego Costa-Atletico Madrid to Chelsea

Diego Costa, a phenomenal striker, was purchased by Chelsea for 52 million dollars. This amazing player propelled Atletico Madrid to the Finals of the Champion’s Cup, the biggest club cup in Europe. His solid dribbling, pace, and shot will make Chelsea an amazing offensive power along with Eden Hazard.

  1. Mario Mandzukic-FC Bayern to Atletico Madrid

Mandzukic, one of Germany’s best strikers, was purchased by Atletico Madrid for 36 million dollars. Since Atletico Madrid sold their striker, they needed a solid replacement, so the obvious choice was the amazing Mandzukic. His phenomenal shot will greatly aid Atletico Madrid and allow them to win the Champion’s league.

  1. Luke Shaw-Southampton to Manchester United

One of the most famous young prodigies, Luke Shaw has a lot of talent and potential, and he is ready to give it to Manchester United for about 49 million dollars. A solid left back with tough defending, he will make sure Manchester’s stacked offense with van Persie is equal to the defense, a crucial part.

  1. Toni Kroos-FC Bayern to Real Madrid

A fundamental player, Kroos adds support to Bayern’s pacey offense (Lewandowski,Gotze), aids the midfielders (Robben, Ribery)and the defense(Lahm, Boateng, Alaba). He is now going to assist in another prominent team, Real Madrid. He will also be playing a midfielder and will now assist with different phenomenal players, including Cristiano Ronaldo.

  1. Angel di Maria-Real Madrid to Manchester United

Angel di Maria, a phenomenal midfielder, is now joining the other transfers in Manchester United. He was purchased for a whopping 97 million dollars. He has a lot to add to Manchester United though, and will only improve their team along with Luke Shaw. His incredible shot, dribbling, and morale will aid Manchester United.

  1. Alexis Sanchez-FC Barcelona to Arsenal

Alexis Sanchez, one of the best Chilean players to ever live, was signed by Arsenal for about 60 million dollars. He has a lot of potential though as a younger star. He is a great striker and will surely benefit Arsenal in winning the English cup again. Arsenal might become more than just an English star team, due to him and Mesut Ozil.

10.  Romelu Lukaku-Chelsea to Everton

Romelu Lukaku, an outstanding striker, was signed by Everton for 45 million dollars. He is also a young star and, therefore, will have a lot of talent to give to Everton. His signing might help Everton gain a higher rank in the English Premier or allow them to win the Premier Cup.

Some other outstanding players being signed were German goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen who was signed by FC Barcelona for 18 million dollars, and who as seen as possibly the next Neuer. Another famous player signed was Xabi Alonso to FC Bayern. A man with a lot of experience, Xabi Alonso will greatly benefit FC Bayern.
This summer has seen the strengthening of several teams due to players including all-stars like Real Madrid, Man United, and FC Barcelona, and rising stars like Everton. In this transfer season,  history was made with the most expensive defensive player of all time. All in all, this summer has been amazing for soccer fans.