The Vote of a Lifetime

by Brandon Musick

The people of Scotland are on everyone’s minds almost as much as much as they were after the release of Braveheart. Thursday’s vote for Scottish independence was tightly contested and nobody could predict the results. The estimations were at around 48% for independence, 48% against independence, and 4% undecided. Of the 4.2 million registered voters, could the result have come from a single vote? As dramatically appealing as that would be, it is not the case.

Let’s back up.

Scotland has been talking independence for years, and the Scottish National Party has advocated this independence movement as one of it’s main party goals. However, there is no majority of Scots looking to break away from the UK. Many are completely satisfied with being a part of the UK. Others take the more William Wallace stance of “FREEDOM!”

Well, the hundreds of years of opposition to the English and the more recent integration with only a little violence, along with the representation in Parliament culminated yesterday, and the Scots finally had their chance to vote. And after all the threats and work to get to an independence vote, the results were tallied, and it has been decided that Scotland shall remain part of the United Kingdom! According to the New York Times, “With 26 of 32 voting districts reporting, there were 1,397,077 votes, or 54.2 percent, against independence, and 1,176,952, or 45.7 percent, in favor.”

The results are somewhat disappointing to Scottish National Party leaders, whom all worked hard to even bring this vote to the table. For years, they had been hinting at a vote, and on September 18, 2014, a 307-year union with England nearly ended. Nicola Sturgeon, the deputy head of the Scottish National Party commented that “like thousands of others across the country I’ve put my heart and soul into this campaign and there is a real sense of disappointment that we’ve fallen narrowly short of securing a yes vote.”

Now, this process must seem very unfair to the American patriots of the Revolutionary War. In a recent survey, 100% of Revolutionary War veterans said they would have preferred a national vote brought forth by an American National Party.

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