The new iPhone 6: How Great Is It?

By Ishraaq Shams

Most people know about the new iPhones coming out on September 19th, and many people are excited to see the new features they contain. There’s the optimized battery life, improved camera, and implementation of NFC payment! In fact, the iPhone 6 is such a big hit that Apple has already set new records. Within 24 hours, the pre-orders totaled more than 4 million units, beating the iPhone 5S by 1.25 million.

But is the new iPhone really worth it? How much has it actually improved from the previous model? Sure, all the new features of the iPhone 6 make it more convincing to buy, but after the press event, Android fans have been laughing at this comparison.


As shown above, the 2012 Nexus 4 is being compared to the 2014 iPhone 6 regarding the size, resolution, battery-stats, etc. Android users claim that all of the improved features of the iPhone have already been present in Android phones for more than 2 years. The Nexus 4, as well as the iPhone 6, have 4.7-inch screens, NFC payments, Cloud photo backup, etc., but why isn’t the Nexus 4 successful as successful as the iPhone series?

The answer is that the simplicity and the fancy design of the apps make the iPhone series easier to use. Some people who constantly buy iPhones purchase them because “Dude, it’s an iPhone,” even though other products, such as the Nexus line, have proven to be equivalent or, in most cases, more advanced than the iPhone series. Going back to the picture, on the bottom, there is a sarcastic comment stating: “In 2016, you guys will love: wireless charging, water resistance, IR blasters, multi-user support, selectable default apps, split-screen apps, app installs from browser, and virtual buttons!” These features listed are already available in Android devices, and Apple haters are guessing that Apple will continue to “copy” Android devices and implement the components in the next major iPhone upgrade, two years later.

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