The FIBA World Cup

By Samihan Dani

In the 2014 FIBA world cup, team USA defeated Serbia 129-92 defending their title. France beat Spain, the host team favorite, in the quarter finals 65-52. Spain was expected to be in the finals with USA and were shocked when they lost in the quarters. Spain was easily winning the tournament, just like the USA and even beat France in the preliminary rounds. But when versing France in the knockout rounds they were on par with them until the fourth quarter. France led 60-52 with one minute left and there was no miracle comeback for Spain.

Spain won the bidding to host the world cup with 11 votes compared to Italy’s 8. In this world cup there were six venues.  None of the venues have been reused since the 1986 World Cup.  The Gran Canaria Arena in the Canary Islands is the only venue to be built after the tournament was granted to Spain.The finals took place in Madrid.

The ball in this world cup was designed with molten and is the first ball to be designed for a specific event. The mascot this year is Olé and Hop which were derived from the word “alley oop.”  The mascot represents two hands which was inspired by the logo of the event.  It also fits perfectly into the slogan of the tournament, “in your hands.” The official world cup theme song was “Sube la Copa” by Huecco.

The preliminary rounds had 24 teams that were split up into 4 groups. The death group of this tournament was group A having 4 out of the six teams being ranked no. 11 or higher, Spain, Brazil, France, and Serbia. All of the group winners had swept each of their groups except for group D in which Lithuania and Slovenia tied in wins/losses. The sixteenth round was dominated by USA having 85 or more points in each game. With Spain out early in the knockout rounds USA had an easy road to victory.

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