Teacher Spotlight: Mrs.Pollock

By Sneha Rajagopal, Swetha Rajagopal

Have you noticed all the new teachers and staff around BASIS this year? Sometimes it can get a little confusing as to what all of them do! To help you out, we are launching a new segment called the “Teacher Spotlight.” Each week, we will introduce a new teacher or staff member here at BASIS.

This week’s spotlight shines on ….. Mrs. Pollock!!!

Mrs. Pollock is the Lower School Dean (5th- 8th grade) at the bobcat den. She helps with student support and discipline. Mrs. Pollock advises students to be on top of their studies, be proactive, and be respectful. One thing that she loves about BASIS is the students and staff, and how everyone is supportive and caring. Mrs. Pollock encourages students to come in anytime they have any problems. One thing she doesn’t like is the narrow hallways because they can get overwhelmingly crowded with students during passing periods.

Before she moved to Arizona, she lived in Texas. Mrs. Pollock used to work at an online course development company and did science filming. When she is not working, you will probably find her hiking, watching movies, going to sporting events, traveling, or playing the piano. Her favorite movie is “The Last of the Mohicans.” Mrs. Pollock’s favorite food is Thai food.

Mrs.. Pollock is truly one of the bobcats of BASIS!


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