The 10 Games You Can Never Put Down

by Michael Ford (Opinion), Andrew Thran (Opinion), & Joseph Aboudi (Entertainment)

Today we’re going to explore the dark side of video games. You know ‘em, you hate ‘em, these are the games you never admit you played, these are the games you stay up all night playing, these are the games that make you throw your phone across the room. These are the top ten most addicting games.

10. At the top our list is Civilization 5, an intense strategy game, where the player struggles to build a civilization that will stand the test of time. Players must survive barbarian raids, competing civilizations, and starvation while attempting to accomplish one of the many goals. This game is addicting because of the suspenseful turn-based thrill, keeping you playing for hour after hour, fighting off invaders while trying to expand your empire.

civ 5

9. Next up is Plants vs. Zombies, the most successful tower defense game to hit the app store. This game is so addicting because of the tower defense aspect. Players must keep planting flowers and vines to protect their house from the endless waves of zombies. Each level holds new upgrades and new types of zombies.


8. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is hard to stop playing because of the many goals offered by the play style. New guns, new ranks, and new prestiges provide incentives to keep playing. Multiplayer takes this fun to the next level. More players means more competition, and even more reasons to keep playing!

call of duty

7. Coming in at number 7 is Clash of Clans. This app keeps players hooked with the constant need to build up your city’s defenses and doesn’t cost a penny. However, the main reason this game is so hard to put down is that the minute you stop playing, your clan becomes vulnerable to attacks from other players. To protect yourself, players must participate for hours at a time to earn money in order to expand and specialize their army, construct better walls, and create resources.


6. Next up is the old favorite Minecraft. The element that puts it on this list is the sandbox style of playing: with virtually no limits and so much to do, players will stay up all night engrossed in this endless world. The constant hunt for resources and the quest to build an epic house are other reasons this game is so addicting.


5. Number five is the popular MMO World of Warcraft. This thrilling online multiplayer sends challenge after challenge at your team, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you fight bosses, enemies, and armies with your team of warriors and wizards. A sense of loyalty to your online companions keeps many a player from logging off, as abandoning your friends could cause their doom.


4. Next on our list is Temple Run, the fast-paced mobile game that keeps players saying “One more time.” Players must use a simple set of swipes and taps to navigate their avatar through a maze of pits and logs while staying ahead of the evil demon monkeys. This game keeps people enthralled by using a very basic set of controls combined with precise timing — key elements for an addicting game.

temple run

3. Our third place is Angry Birds, the projectile launching puzzle game showcasing a multitude of aviary projectiles to bring down the pig fortresses. This game is made addicting by the various strategies, including the old trial-and error method, players use to defect the pigs — keeps you trying over, and over, and over, and over again.

angry birds

2. The runner up for our top ten is Candy Crush, one of the most noteworthy, addicting games of all time. This is a puzzle game where you match up coordinating colors and shapes to score points. Right when you want to stop playing, the game gives you a bonus or extra lives, keeping you going round after round.


1. And finally, our number one most addicting game is……Flappy Bird! A lot of you probably anticipated this one. Although this game was created by an amateur programmer, surprisingly it ended up making him millions of dollars. The trial-and-error method and the simple controls, combined with precise timing and repetition, caused true addiction and unfathomable frustration. Many phones have been broken as a result of the rage unleashed by this game.


What game kept you up all night? Any games you think should have been on the list? Any suggestions for next week’s Top 10? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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