Paris and the Chateaux Trip 2015

Paris and the Chateaux School Trip 2015

By Nishat Khan

Many people have only dreamed of seeing the Eiffel Tower or walking through the Hall of Mirrors, or taking a walk on the beaches of Normandy, or smelling the fresh scent of authentic baguettes, but haven’t had the chance. If you’ve ever had that dream, you may able to make your dream a reality next summer.

In a trip organized by EF Tours, and led by Mrs. Kirk, you can get the chance to tour France with a group of other students and teachers. You will visit Paris, the Loire Valley, St. Malo, Normandy, and Rouen, all in nine days!

The trip will begin in June, departing from Phoenix. The price is an affordable $3,565. At first glance, this may seem like a lot of money, and to be honest, it is. However, you’d be paying much more elsewhere. This price includes commercial airfare and transportation, comfortable hotels, European breakfast and dinner daily, and access to any sites such as museums that are a part of the itinerary. The entire trip will be guided by expert local guides and a full time tour director.

With the price, comes access to many museums and cathedrals, as mentioned above. These places include the Notre Dame Cathedral, Versailles, Chartres Cathedral, Chateaux of Amboise and Chenonceau, a French wine cellar, Mont St. Michel, St. Vincent Cathedral, Caen Memorial, Rouen Cathedral, and the Louvre. Again, the overall price covers admission to all of these world-renowned sites. Along with that, the price also covers three sightseeing tours led by a local expert, and two sightseeing tours led by the tour director. Not only do you get to see the major museums, but you also get to take walks through the cities and immerse in actual French culture.


Of course, since this is an educational tour, you can be sure that you will be learning a lot about the French culture, language, and customs as you visit each city. The best part is, you don’t have to be in the French class. The trip is offered to anyone in 8th through 12th grade.

With twenty spots available, and the sign-up deadline of September 19th approaching, you must act fast. For more information about the trip, visit the official personalized website for BASIS Chandler’s trip: , or contact Mrs. Kirk at . Sign up now to have the experience of a lifetime!