Not Small, But Tall

by Arya Chethikattil and Maya Devineni

Tired of small, let’s look at tall! These building go so high in the sky they’ll make you dizzy. This is a countdown of four of the TALLEST BUILDINGS IN THE WORLD! So read more to find out what makes these soaring skyscrapers and statuesque superstructures so unique!


  1. Makkha Clock Royal tower- makkha clock royal tower

This tower, which is also called Abraj Al-Bait Towers, has 120 floors above ground, and 3 floors below ground. Symbolizing the city of Mecca, this five star hotel includes a ballroom, health club, spa, media center, and more! It has more than 90 elevators that go up to a speed of 6m/s, and 16 escalators. Can you believe that the hotel has 858 rooms!?! It is the tallest tower in Saudi Arabia. The front of the tower is decorated with a beautiful glass mosaic, that makes distinguishes it in the skyline. This record-holding tower has the world’s largest clock face with a massive diameter of 43 meters.

  1. Shanghai Tower- Shanghai-Tower

At only 7 feet away from the Tokyo Sky Tree, the third tallest building in the world is at 2,073 feet tall, located in Shanghai, China. There are 106 elevators in the tower and they go at a super-fast, amazing speed of 18m/s. This nature-friendly building dedicated a floor to a beautiful sky garden (can you imagine that? A garden high in the sky!). The observation deck on the tower goes extraordinarily high at 1,841 feet in the sky! The entire building is separated into 9 zones.


  1. Tokyo Sky Tree- tokyo sky tree

The Tokyo sky tree, the second tallest building in the world, has an altitude of 2,080 feet, or 634 meters tall. It is 634 meters tall because 634 read in old Japanese has a unique and significant proverbial meaning, related to the ancient Mushi Province. It is located in Tokyo, and is made out of steel and concrete. The Tokyo Sky Tree was completed in 2012. At night, the building has LED lights that illuminate two patterns in the night. The two patterns are “iki”, which means chic, and “miyabi,” meaning elegant.



  1. The Burj Khalifa- burj-2+

And finally, the tallest building on Earth, with its shocking height, the tallest of the tall, The Burj Khalifa. It is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Fun fact about the Burj Khalifa, the amount of concrete used on the building is equal to 100,000 elephants! Along with that it also holds a record for the longest distance traveled by an elevator and is about 160 stories tall! On the 122nd floor there is a restaurant called “at.mosphere,” which serves delicious food. Around 12,000 workers were there every day during construction. Did you know that it has 24,348 windows? Imagine how long it’d take to clean all of them! It took 6 years to finally open. Every year they use about 15 million gallons of water. The Burj Khalifa also has the tallest outdoor observation deck. Visit the Burj Khalifa for a thrilling experience at 2,717 feet high!