Hoyer picked over Manziel

by Samihan Dani


On Wednesday, August 20th Browns coach Mike Pettine announced that they will be starting Brian Hoyer over Johnny Manziel. Pettine said, “I would prefer to go with a more experienced player.” Hoyer had three wins and no loses before tearing his ACL and missing the rest of last season. Hoyer didn’t have the best stats in the first two games of pre-season, but Pettine thinks practice makes perfect. 

Browns receiver Nate Burleson said, “I’ve sat and talked with Brian quite a bit, and I can just see it in his eyes and how he plays and how passionate he is, and him being from Ohio and having an opportunity after playing well last year, then tearing an ACL — there’s a lot of non-football reasons why he’s going to be successful.”

Pettine said that he will not be using Manziel as a change of pace passer and that there will be no 2 QB system.  Although that doesn’t necessarily mean that Pettine will keep Manziel on the bench all season.

In Game three Manziel and Hoyer’s stats were almost identical in terms of passing, completions per attempts, and yards. The Browns lost 33-14.  Johnny Manziel got sacked twice by Michael Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player.

In game 4 of the preseason, Hoyer started off on a great drive passing for 69 yards. Throughout the rest of the game Manziel threw for 83 and ran for 55 yards.

Don’t be surprised if the QB switches early in the season.  After all it is a tradition in Cleveland.

Johnny Manziel did a few things wrong that prevented him from joining the starting line-up. He had trouble with the Browns playbook, and calling plays on the field. After playing in a spread college offense that didn’t have a playbook, Manziel had trouble getting used to the plays. He also held up his middle finger on the Redskins bench on Monday night football during the third quarter.


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