Flash, Camera, Action…

This year, we plan to make the photography section the best it can be! We have many ideas on how to enrich this part of the newspaper including weekly contests, features in the BASIS Bugle, and much more!

Our weekly contests will be consisting of a theme picked from before, and the participants will post a picture on Instagram and hashtag it under #pickmebsi. We will definitely make sure that this is carried out because this contest has the potential of becoming something great for future students of BASIS Chandler. On Fridays, we will check to see what pictures have been submitted and include the best one onto our website as well as our Instagram account @basisbugle.

Last week, Nathalie Austin was chosen for the theme “ Summer Photos” for her beautiful picture of the sky. Kudos to you!

This week, the photography department has chosen the theme “Labor Day” in honor of the great holiday that was on Monday, September 2nd. We hope to see many of you participate in this contest for a chance to be chosen.

I believe that this contest will allow us BASIS students to strive to create pictures that best fit these guidelines, and strive to make it the best we can make it! The creativity of the students will be displayed, while making it fun and effortless at the same time.

Also, we will be going around the school to try and capture the perfect BASIS student moment! I’m positive all of you guys can’t wait to see what hilarious things your friends are doing!

This year of the BASIS Bugle will be great, and the photography department cannot wait to share it all with you.

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