The Top 5 American Beaches

By: Sanjana Shenoy

Over the summer many of you probably went out of state to visit a beach. Even If you didn’t go this past summer, you will probably hit the beach at some point! So here are some fun facts about the top five American beaches to prepare you for your next trip to the coast.

1. Laguna Beach– The second oldest city in Orange County is home to Laguna Beach; famous for being a popular destination to relax in the hot sun and cool winds of Southern California; affectionately known as “So Cal.” If you’re looking for some sea-life, there are many tide pools at the beach, which are usually filled with plenty of small creatures such as starfish and crabs.


2. Napatree Point– Napatree Point is located in Watch Hill, New England. This beach is perfect for kicking your shoes off and jumping right into the water, or just strolling around and walking your dog. On the walk back, you get a beautiful view of the large Victorian houses sitting on top of the hill above the beach. 


3. Lanikai Beach– This gorgeous beach is located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The beach’s clear waters make it a favorite for swimming, and the soft sand is perfect to sink your toes into and kickback. 


 4. Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park– This beautiful beach is located in Bonita Springs, Florida.  If you like collecting seashells and splashing around in the water with your friends, you’ll love this beach. 


5. Catalina Island– Catalina Island is located around 22 miles off the Southern Californian coast. This is the perfect vacation spot for family and friends to enjoy. There are many outdoor activities such as snorkeling and kayaking. And even if you’re not much of an outdoor person, Catalina Island is the perfect place for a photo op.



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