Letter From the Editor

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the BASIS Bugle!

With an inspired and dedicated team, the BASIS Bugle will be bringing news to you on a weekly BASIS. (Pun Intended)

With seven departments and counting, the Bugle brings quality material along with countless opportunities to participate and interact with the rest of the BASIS community. Just last week our Photography department featured the winner of our very first Instagram contest: best summer photo.

Every article is written by one of your peers, edited and approved, and then finally published to the website. You can comment on, or share, your favorite articles.

While you’re answering one of the Travel department’s polls or looking through the Opinion’s departments Top 10 list of the week, see if you can find one of your friends on our contributor’s page.

From a live Instagram feed to a featured BASIS moment of the week, the Bugle website will have all the action that you won’t want to miss out on!

On top of publishing articles, the newspaper will be taking submissions and interacting with the entire BASIS community. If you have an idea, suggestion, question, or submission don’t hesitate to forward that information to the Bugle’s email: basisbugle@basischandler.org

Thank you for taking the time to check out and support our school newspaper!

See you back in a week,

Asha Devineni, Editor-in-Chief

Contributor Photo

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