Fashion Tips

by: Bhumika Phanindra

Dressing up is one of my favorite things to do. The satisfaction that you get when you have worked hard to look good and everyone compliments you.


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1. The first outfit is really cute. It is a more casual look. The model wears a cute striped 3/4 sleeved top with rolled up jeans. Full jeans or even capris or shorts would look good in this outfit. For the top, she wears white and black but you can chose whatever color you like.

2. The second model is wearing an outfit that you would wear in your everyday life. She is wearing a baby pink blouse with a baby blue patterned skirt. This outfit could be worn to school, work, shopping, etc.

3. The third outfit has got the classy look. It would be best suited for date night, fancy restaurants, etc. This is sort of a cheetah print cape. This look reminds me of what Cruella D’evil from 101 Dalmatians would wear.

4. The fourth one is dressier than the second one even though they both wear the same skirts. She wears the same baby blue printed skirt but with a darker pink jacket-blouse. This is a good look for Girls night out or a date, etc.

5. As much as like knee length skirt I also love long skirts. I like patterns like stripes or even just plain. This outfit is perfect for a walk in the park or to go shopping or just anywhere. It is a really cute outfit, the model wears a long striped skirt and a full sleeved yellow shirt that can be rolled up.

*You could absolutely wear any color that suits you or compliments your skin tone.



1. The first model has a cute little yellow purse that adds an accent to the casual look she is wearing. The best kind of earrings you could wear are pearl studs.

2. This model chose to carry a hand purse in a silver color. She also wears dark sunglasses and large gold studs. With this outfit large studs suit the best and even a small handbag or a side purse would look good.

3. This model carries a cheetah print handbag. She also wears sunglasses, and long black gloves.

4. This model looks dressier than the second one because she wears a blue pearl necklace and fashionable bracelets. And she, like the second one, carries a small hand purse. This outfit would look good with long earrings.

5. And lastly model number five wears a black watch and a belt over her skirt. She doesn’t accessorize much but still looks bold.

*Remember, you can add whatever personal touch that suits you best.



1. This model has loosely curled hair, best suited for a casual look. This outfit would also look good in a cute ponytail and a bandanna.

2. She chose to put her hair in a high bun which makes the look classier but a high ponytail looks good too.

3. This outfit looks best with straight hair because there is already enough flare on the outfit so if the hair is curled there would too much flare.

4. Her hair is in the half-down, half-up look. Although, letting all your hair down or putting your hair in a side ponytail would’ve looked better.

5. Finally, this model’s hair is let down in beachy waves. If it’s too hot outside to put your hair down, a side braid would also match the entire look.

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