Confidence is Key

by Adithy Hassan

“Beauty has nothing to do with looks. It’s how you are as a person and how you make others feel about themselves.”

Technically, back to school season isn’t quite finished yet. Although we’re already 3 weeks ahead of the game, I always feel like I can incorporate new ideas into my wardrobe (especially when I’m singing the school blues) Usually, we seem to try our hardest to look the best only on the first few days of school. But how about dressing our best every day? But putting your best efforts into your outfits EVERY single day can be time consuming even if you enjoy picking out your outfits. So I’ve compiled a small guide for your weekly style in order to encourage you to stay more organized and decisive this year. Most importantly this guide is something you can have fun with.

Monday: This is your day to give a great first impression for the new week ahead. Although you don’t want to be overdressed (I mean it is still a Monday), you still want to be presentable. I believe comfy, casual, with a touch of girly (like a cute accessory) is the best way to go when you’re not exactly feeling the whole school thing.

Tuesday: This is the day to be a little more put together.  Maybe throw in a leather jacket to give your OOTD a little edge. Or add a pair of your go-to combat boots to pull your look together. But just remember, the best way to dress is to capture your personality through what you wear. Because at the end of the day, there is nothing more beautiful or in style than just being yourself.

Wednesday: This is the day to go all out and dress up. Let your girly side shine through what you’re wearing. Try on the dress that’s been hiding in your closet that’s just waiting to come out. Or add a statement necklace or a small bow in your hair if you’re not quite yet ready to be the absolute center of attention.

Thursday: This is the day where we throw it back. Going back to the 70’s and 80’s by adding a hip, retro, or preppy touch to our modern outfits just to remind ourselves about where the best dressers truly came from.

Friday: The last day of the week; which also means your last day to make a statement. So end your week in style. Dress up and shine on. This is the day to really experiment with your style so do what you know best. 

Hopefully you liked my first article, but I’m always ready for new opinions. Let me know what you think in the comments. (:

Although I believe you should be able to dress your best everyday and really express your confidence, don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t stress out if you come to school in sweatpants and Uggs on a few days (I mean I’ve definitely had those days) just remember to be confident in whatever you wear. I, myself, am learning how to be more confident. I know this journey is hard, but I promise you it is going to be a great one. Have a great week and always remember to be confident. Till next week, XOXO Adithy. 

4 thoughts on “Confidence is Key

    1. Hey! Thank you so much for your input! You’re right, I guess I need to learn how to go with my gut and not worry about what others think.
      Oh and btw I’m in love with your blog!

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