The Top 5 American Beaches

By: Sanjana Shenoy Over the summer many of you probably went out of state to visit a beach. Even If you didn’t go this past summer, you will probably hit the beach at some point! So here are some fun facts about the top five American beaches to prepare you for your next trip to the coast. 1. Laguna Beach– The second oldest city in Orange County is home to Laguna Beach; famous for being a popular destination to relax in the hot sun and cool winds of Southern California; affectionately known as “So Cal.” If you’re looking for some sea-life, there … Continue reading The Top 5 American Beaches


by Brandon Musick The recent outbreak of the Ebola disease has the world in a frenzy. Although treatable, it presents a major problem for many African nations. The disease has proven difficult to manage, and some nations have allowed Ebola patients access to their more advanced medical technology. But most people know very little about the virus. So what is Ebola? According to Mayo Clinic, the Ebola virus is similar to the Marburg virus. Both cause hemorrhagic fevers, and are “illnesses marked by severe bleeding (hemorrhage), organ failure and, in many cases, death.” Symptoms include fever, severe headache, joint and … Continue reading Uh-Oh…Ebola?

Confidence is Key

by Adithy Hassan “Beauty has nothing to do with looks. It’s how you are as a person and how you make others feel about themselves.” Technically, back to school season isn’t quite finished yet. Although we’re already 3 weeks ahead of the game, I always feel like I can incorporate new ideas into my wardrobe (especially when I’m singing the school blues) Usually, we seem to try our hardest to look the best only on the first few days of school. But how about dressing our best every day? But putting your best efforts into your outfits EVERY single day … Continue reading Confidence is Key

Letter From the Editor

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the BASIS Bugle! With an inspired and dedicated team, the BASIS Bugle will be bringing news to you on a weekly BASIS. (Pun Intended) With seven departments and counting, the Bugle brings quality material along with countless opportunities to participate and interact with the rest of the BASIS community. Just last week our Photography department featured the winner of our very first Instagram contest: best summer photo. Every article is written by one of your peers, edited and approved, and then finally published to the website. You can comment on, or share, … Continue reading Letter From the Editor