Ariana is My Everything

By: Asad Jamal

Rising quickly to fame, Ariana Grande has stunned the world with her amazing vocals that some say reminds them of “Mariah Carey in a younger form.” Her last album, Yours Truly, was an instant success as she triumphantly produced many tracks that mixed both Pop and Hip-Hop.

Grande has done it again with her newest album, My Everything. With popular songs throughout the album’s track list, Grande has brought another amazing album to the table and proven once again why she is an astounding singer with the use of her impressive vocals and creative writing.

Some trending songs from the new album are “Problem”, “Best Mistake”, and “Break Free”.

“Problem”, one of the album’s first singles, is about trying to get over someone who you feel like you’re attached to and can’t live without. This song brings forth another amazing example of Grande mixing Hip-Hop and Pop as the track features Iggy Azalea who raps on the same subject. This song is realistic and deep, while sounding very up-beat and fun at the same time.

“Break Free” is a song about letting go and “breaking free” as Grande would put it. This song features Zedd, who is the producer of the track as well. Zedd offers a distinctive, up-beat, party/dance sound over a strong vocal performance by Grande and interesting topics that appeal to many of Grande’s loyal supporters throughout her massive fan base.

“Best Mistake” is another song that mixes Pop and Hip-Hop. It features Big Sean, a very respected rapper and friend to the artist. This song talks about holding on to a relationship in which there are “no pots of gold at the rainbows” they chase. This track has a very different sound and is very emotional as heard in the singer’s vocals.

Among these songs are many other extraordinary examples that are not only great to listen to, but  they also talk about many real “Problems.” (Yes, I know that’s a bad pun.)

Final Verdict: Ariana Grande’s new album, My Everything, is an outstanding album that features many great songs as well as other great artists. You will find yourself overwhelmed with feelings of joy and sorrow as the combination of up-beat music along with the singer’s unmatched vocals prove why she is considered to be so talented. Let us know what you think of her newest album in the comments below and leave any suggestions for next week’s review!

Complete Tracklist:
1. Intro
2. Problem (featuring Iggy Azalea)
3. One Last Time
4. Why Try
5. Break Free (featuring Zedd)
6. Best Mistake (featuring Big Sean)
7. Be My Baby (featuring Cashmere Cat)
8. Break Your Heart Right Back (featuring Childish Gambino)
9. Love Me Harder (featuring The Weeknd)
10. A Little Bit Of Your Heart
11. Hands On Me (featuring A$AP Ferg)
12. My Everything

Deluxe Edition:
13. Bang Bang
14. Only 1
15. You Don’t Know Me

Target Edition:
16. Cadillac Song
17. Too Close

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